College/University Transfer Students

If you are an excellent student from a college program in Canada or transferring from another Canadian university to a full-time undergraduate program at Carleton University, you may be eligible for one of our scholarships for transfer students.  Scholarships are offered for fall entry only.  You may be offered a scholarship provided you are entering Carleton for the first time and have not already completed a degree.  If eligible when admitted to Carleton, the scholarship value will be determined by your admissions average as calculated at the time of admission.  The awards range from $1000 to $4,000 per year.

Scholarships for College Students / University Transfer Students (2024-2025)

Number of Scholarships Value Terms Admission Average
Unlimited $4,000 per year Renewable* 95 – 100%
Unlimited $3,000 per year Renewable* 90 – 94.9%
Unlimited $2,000 per year Renewable* 85 – 89.9%
Unlimited $1,000 per year Renewable* 80 – 84.9%

* Scholarships are renewable with an annual GPA of 10.0 (A- standing) within the first four years of an undergraduate degree.