Unless also listed as an Adjunct Research Professor or Affiliated Faculty, Contract Instructors are not eligible to supervise undergraduate or graduate students.

Fall 2021

Subject Course Title Instructor Email
BIOC 4009 Biochemistry of Disease Hoyeck, Myriam myriam.hoyeck@carleton.ca

Winter 2022

Subject Course Title Instructor Email
BIOC 4204 Protein Biotechnology Hefford, Mary Alice Mary.Hefford@carleton.ca
BIOC 4004 Industrial Biochemistry Blais, Burton Burton.Blais@carleton.ca
BIOC 4008 Computational Systems Biology Moteshareie, Houman Houman.Moteshareie@carleton.ca
BIOC 4200 Immunology Crawley, Angela Angela.Crawley@carleton.ca