Photo of Chris ​Baldwin

Chris ​Baldwin

Project Manager & Post-Doc

Degrees:B. Eng (Carleton), M.A.Sc. (Carleton), PhD (Carleton)

Completing his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering during the spring of 2011, Chris started his Master’s research in the Solar Energy Systems Lab that following fall. The focus of his work highlighted the design and commissioning of a test apparatus that quantified the performance of a Solar Absorption Chiller. Using the experimental data and developed models, he was able to determine the potential for off-setting peak electrical loads as a result of heating, cooling and domestic hot water loads using heat pumps and thermal storage.

Similarly his Ph.D. focused on a different sector of energy performance, this time within buildings. Chris experimentally evaluated a residential heat pump and medium temperature chiller, their interaction with different thermal storage models and through this developed a model for small scale ice storage.

However, his evolving interest in energy consumption within buildings as well as the opportunity to collaborate with prominent researchers in the field of building science, provided the opportunity to take on the role of project manager with the CABER team.

As project manager, Chris oversees the day to day operations within CABER lab, and is responsible for overseeing the design, construction and commissioning of all equipment. In addition, He is an active participant in the research program,  with a focus on developing better methods for quantifying and measuring heat, air and moisture transfer within wall assemblies.