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Janet Eaton, PhD, has taught at several Nova Scotian universities including Dalhousie, St. Mary’s, Mount Saint Vincent and most recently at Acadia where she offered courses on “Critical Perspectives on Globalization”, “Environment and Sustainable Society”, and “Community Political Power”. From an early career as a marine biologist, she went on to work in the fields of adult and community education; systemic change [becoming a fellow of the International Systems Institute in the mid- 1990s] ; as a consultant to government and NGO’s on systemic change; and since 1999 has been a part of the ‘global democracy movement’. She is the Sierra Club of Canada’s Trade and the Environment representative and a member of the Canadian Trade Justice Network. In her unending quest for “another possible world”, Janet is presently working on a book: “Unmasking the Myths of Globalization: Reframing and Redesigning Our World” which combines a life time of learning, research, teaching and action.