Research Internships for Canadian Graduate Students

Each summer, beginning in 2018, the network will fund Canadian students to participate in research internships at partner universities in Europe. Students from Canadian universities who wish to work with faculty members from the project team will be eligible to apply. The internships will provide students with invaluable opportunities to conduct research in Europe and to build their own scholarly networks. Application guidelines will be posted shortly.

Study and research visit to Canada for European Graduate Students

Beginning in summer 2019, a summer course aimed at facilitating knowledge sharing between graduate students from European partner institutions and Carleton University will take place at Carleton University. The course will study Canada-EU relations through online and face-to-face components, the latter bringing all students together for a one-week period in Ottawa, Canada for intensive teaching and interaction.

Current Opportunities

The Centre for European and Transition Studies at the University of Latvia (LU CETS)