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Teresa Healey, earned her doctorate in Political Science from Carleton University in 1999. She specializes in North American integration, labour, and public sector issues. Before coming to the Canadian Labour Congress as Senior Researcher, Healy worked in the Research Branch at the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Prior to working in the labour movement, Teresa held academic posts as Assistant Professor of International Relations at Wilfred Laurier University and Lecturer in International Political Economy at Trent University. Currently, Teresa is involved in ongoing research on the Canada- EU CETA negotiations, Canadian Communities in Crisis, North American integration, as well as health care privatization. Teresa Healy’s book,  Gendered Struggles against Globalisation in Mexico was published by Ashgate Publishing in 2008. Her edited collection, The Harper Record, was published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, also in 2008. She is also a recording singer-songwriter.