In this interview, Dr Bruno Palier of the Centre d’études européennes of Sciences po, Paris discusses the social investment perspective for social policy modernization, as observed in European countries and summarized in his recent book edited with Nathalie Morel and Joakim Palme, Towards a Social Investment Welfare State? He also comments on the Social Investment Package announced by the EU in 2012.

The interview was conducted by Jane Jenson and recorded on 10 March 2014 during Bruno Palier’s visit to the Université de Montréal at the invitation of the Immigration and Social Policy Research Group of the Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue. The same day he also gave a seminar, jointly sponsored by the Université de Montréal – McGill University Centre of Excellence on the European Union. The title of the seminar was: L’âge de la dualisation : l’Europe continentale face à la désindustrialisation.