Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

Policy Workshop: Social Policy and Labour Market Integration in the EU and Canada

September 6, 2006

Location:Salon des Nations (2nd floor), Holiday Inn Hotel, Plaza la Chaudiére 2 rue Montcalm, Gatineau, Quebec

Workshop Program

Short Biographies of Presenters

Policy Memos:

Policy Memo #1: Labour market integration of skilled immigrants by Professor Oliver Schmidtke, University of Victoria, in collaboration with Mirko Kovacev and Beatrice Marry, University of Victoria

Comments by Dr. Brian Ray (University of Ottawa)

Comments by Dr. Christina Gabriel (Carleton University)

Comments by Stanley Kustec (Research and Evaluation Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Policy Memo #2: The ‘Bologna Process’ for a European Higher Education Area: Implications for Canada? by Professor Barbara Haskel, McGill University

Comments by Dr. Satya Brink (Learning Policy Directorate, Human Resources and Social Development Canada)

Comments by Dr. Kurt Hübner (University of British Columbia)

Policy Memo #3: Child Care and the European Union: A Bumpy But Upward Path by Professor Jane Jenson, University of Montreal <

Comments by Dr. Peter Moss (Institute of Education, University of London)

Comments by Dr. Rianne Mahon (Carleton University)

Comments by Lynne Westlake (Social Policy Development Directorate, Human Resources and Social Development Canada)

This policy workshop aims to bring together the academic research community with policy-makers, the policy community, and the general public to discuss social policy issues and their relation to the labour market. This discussion will be based on the assumption that an effective interface between social and labour market policies is important not only in assuring employment opportunities for the population, but also in realizing goals associated with the creation of a competitive ‘knowledge’ economy. The particular social policies that form the focus of this workshop are three in number: (a) integration of immigrants; (b) child care policy; and (c) educational policy in its interface with regional integration and labour market development. Europe’s ‘integration impulse’ and European responses in these policy areas may be instructive for Canada, just as the Canadian experience may illustrate useful approaches for European countries. In both Canada and the EU, social policy development in these areas is strongly influenced by the multi-level nature of the governance system, namely the division of authority between federal and provincial jurisdictions in Canada, and between the EU level and the Member States in Europe. Discussions at the policy workshop will, therefore, also consider methods for bringing better policy coordination in such multi-level systems. In furthering this cross-Atlantic dialogue on these areas of common concern, it is our goal to encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas in areas that can have concrete policy results.


This event is supported by the European Commission; the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada , SSHRCC (Strategic Research Cluster Design Grant); and Carleton University (Centre for European Studies). The workshop is an activity of the Strategic Research Cluster, Europe Matters: What Canada Needs to Know, which is housed at Carleton University, involving partner universities housing EU centres and institutes (also University of British Columbia, Université de Montréal /McGill University, University of Toronto, and University of Victoria).