Wayne Eagles – Biography

Beginning guitar at a young age, Wayne Eagles’ education includes music-related undergraduate and graduate degrees complimented by years of private study, research, and master-class attendance.

Wayne has worked with: Rob Fraboni, Adam Nussbaum, Billy Kilson, Ian Froman, Mike Milligan, The Platters, Ken Rosser, OutSpan, Soul Finger, Random Access Orkestra, Funkdawgs, David Torn, and The Bitches Brew Tribute Band, managing the TetraArtist recording label since 2005.

A dedicated improviser, Eagles embraces a wide vista of jazz, rock, and fusion guitar styles. He has been Guitar Performance Instructor at Carleton University’s Music department since September 1992; founding Director of their Fusion Ensemble from September 2007; a Contract Instructor as of Fall 2019. Faculty at Carleton’s Jazz Camp for a decade, and he co-directed 2013’s Guitar Now! conference.

Maintaining a busy private teaching practice, Wayne performs and records frequently. Concert Manager for the Carleton University Committee on Cultural Activities from 1993-2002 with performances and clinics by Dave Holland, Mike Stern, Don Ross, Robin Eubanks, Billy Kilson, and Dave Weckl.

An endorsing artist for renowned music manufacturers, Wayne’s work has been supported through grants by arts councils and national radio networks. His performance history includes Canadian Jazz and Blues Festivals, The NAMM Show (Anaheim), university music showcases, television broadcasts, radio simulcasts, and extensive club work.

Praised by Guitar Player and Cadence magazines, as well as All About Jazz, Audiophile Imports and Guitar Moderne websites, “Wayne Eagles: Soaring Where There are No Barriers” was cover story of the September/October 2009 Muzik Etc.

The CDCC Artist Profile Series – Q&A

Q. What initially drew you to guitar?

A. I started guitar lessons at 8 years old, very much inspired by my parent’s deep appreciation for a wide range of music. They collected records, took me to performances from classical and jazz to rock and blues. There was always a guitar kicking ‘round home, as my father played for a bit.

Q. What do you like most about teaching and being the director for the CU Fusion ensemble?

A. Teaching remains an interesting challenge with every year bringing new or continuing students with a diverse range of experiences. I concentrate on assisting people achieve their musical goals, and especially developing a unique voice on their instrument.

Q. What was it like to rehearse and perform at Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre during its inaugural year?

A. It has been a rewarding experience moving the CU Fusion Ensemble to the CDCC. The support by staff has been remarkable, our rehearsal rooms comfortable, gear support incredible – we got some amazing work done with our two 2019-2020 combos. While certainly not ideal going into lockdown mid-March, I am very proud of what we accomplished.

Q. What are some important things to keep in mind when collaborating with other musicians be it in rehearsal, in a recording studio or on stage?

A. I think priority one is to listen, and listen carefully. Music, and certainly improvisation, is very much about interaction and interplay, being a bit selfless. Prepare to the best of your abilities in advance, work on your timbre and technique, remain open-minded and engaged.

Q. How has your work been impacted during COVID-19?

A. It was certainly a challenge switching to finishing courses and lessons online at the tail-end of the winter term, but we got through it. Department support has been key. Of course, I am very much missing performing and recording, but public health is now the current priority.

Q. How have you adjusted the work you do with your guitar students and the Fusion ensemble in these extenuating times?

A. Having experienced the switch to performance lessons online, I am researching upgrading hardware, etc. to improve latencies and video quality. Much has been in tandem with recommendations from Carleton’s Music/Technology Team. Again, with department support, I have developed an outline for the 2020 Fall Term Fusion Ensemble with moves towards individual work, some masterclass elements, music listening/appreciation. While a work in progress and subject to change given student input, I am confident this will be a rewarding online term.

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