Carleton-Dominion Chalmers Centre completed its first full academic year this past April 2020 and kicked off the new academic year – all amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic.  The arts and education sectors have been greatly impacted throughout the world, but artists and organizations are creating new and innovative ways to connect with communities.  The CDCC Artist Profile Series fall series has been created as a mini time capsule to share how various artists and arts managers have pivoted during these extraordinary times, and to showcase a few highlights about their chosen career paths.  The artists showcased in the series do extensive work in the local Ottawa arts community, plus have significant connections to Carleton University including ongoing work commitments at CDCC throughout its first year of operations.  CDCC truly cherishes its community and university connections!

The CDCC Artist Profile Series – Artist Links:

All profiles were showcased through the #CDCCartistprofiles Twitter thread during the fall of 2020!