Engineering Core

ECOR 1101 A (Mechanics I)
ECOR 1045 ALL SECTIONS (Statics)
ECOR 1046 ALL SECTIONS (Mechanics)
ECOR 1053 (Fundamentals of Engineering III)
ECOR 1055 A (Introduction to Engineering Disciplines I)
ECOR 1055 E (Introduction to Engineering Disciplines I)
ECOR 1055 D (Introduction to Engineering Disciplines I)
ECOR 2050 (Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments)
ECOR 3800 A (Engineering Economics)
ECOR 3800 B (Engineering Economics)
ECOR 3800 C (Engineering Economics)
ECOR 4995 (Professional Practice)

Civil Engineering
CIVE 2004 (GIS, Surveying and Graphics)
CIVE 2005 (Architectural Technology 2)
CIVE 2101 (Mechanics II)
CIVE 2200 (Mechanics of Solids I)
CIVE 2700 (Civil Engineering Materials)
CIVE 3202 (Mechanics of Solids II)
CIVE 3203 (Introduction to Structural Analysis)
CIVE 3204 (Introduction to Structural Design)
CIVE 3205 (Design of Structural Steel Components)
CIVE 3206 (Reinforced Concrete I)
CIVE 3207 (Historic Site Recording and Assessment)
CIVE 3208 (Geotechnical Mechanics)
CIVE 3209 (Building Science)
CIVE 3304 (Transportation Engineering and Planning)
CIVE 4200 (Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures)
CIVE 4201 (Finite Element Methods in Civil Engineering)
CIVE 4202 (Wood Engineering)
CIVE 4208 (Geotechnical Engineering)
CIVE 4209 (Highway Engineering)
CIVE 4301 (Foundation Engineering)
CIVE 4302 (Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design)
CIVE 4303 (Urban Planning)
CIVE 4307 (Municipal Hydraulics)
CIVE 4308 (Behaviour and Design of Steel Structures)
CIVE 4400 (Construction/Project Management)
CIVE 4403 (Masonry Design)
CIVE 4407 (Municipal Engineering)
CIVE 4500 (Computer Methods in Civil Engineering)
CIVE 4600 (Advanced Building Systems)
CIVE 4601 (Building Pathology and Rehabilitation)
CIVE 4614 (Building Fire Safety)
CIVE 4907 (Engineering Project)
CIVE 4918 (Design Project)

Environmental Engineering

ENVE 1001 (Architecture and the Environment)
ENVE 2001 (Process Analysis for Environmental Engineering)
ENVE 2002 (Microbiology)
ENVE 3001 (Water Treatment Principles and Design)
ENVE 3002 (Environmental Engineering Systems Modeling)
ENVE 3003 (Water Resources Engineering)
ENVE 3004 (Containment and Pollutant Transport in the Environment)
ENVE 4002 (Environmental Geotechnical Engineering)
ENVE 4003 (Air Pollution and Emissions Control)
ENVE 4005 (Wastewater Treatment Principles and Design)
ENVE 4006 (Contaminant Hydrogeology)
ENVE 4101 (Waste Management)
ENVE 4104 (Environmental Impact Assessment)
ENVE 4105 (Green Building Design)
ENVE 4106 (Indoor Environment Quality)
ENVE 4107 Building Services Engineering
ENVE 4200  (Climate Change and Engineering)
ENVE 4907 (Engineering Project)
ENVE 4918 (Design Project)