Dozens of students at the University of Winnipeg camped on the university’s front lawn Sunday night to support fossil fuel divestment in advance of a vote by the school’s Board of Regents. The board met yesterday to vote on a new environmental investment policy. “After three years of fighting and working really hard to get this university to divest from fossil fuels, they’re finally going to be voting on a motion,” said UWinnipeg student and event organizer Avery Letkemann. “So we want to show them that we have a broad support system, students care about this issue, community members care about this issue, faculty cares about this issue.” Metro reported late last evening that UWinnipeg’s Board of Regents ultimately adopted a a “responsible investing policy” that stopped short of full divestment, but committed to “establishing a renewable energy investment fund ie: a ‘green fund’ as a new option for investors.”