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The Carleton Climate Commons Working Group brings together faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students at Carleton University to discuss issues surrounding the climate crisis in relation to the humanities and social sciences, to share academic work, ideas, and resources.

The university has long been the place our society looks to for addressing issues of vital importance. The climate crisis is one of those issues. And yet in our increasingly specialized world, responses to the climate crisis are often perceived to come from science, technology, government, or some combination of the three. We believe the humanities and social sciences have a role to play here too. The Working Group is a forum for exploring what that role might be.

The Carleton Climate Commons is excited to announce that we now have an opportunity for you to donate to help sustain our group.  We have a new link on the Carleton Future Funder.

See Carleton Climate Common’s Statement on the Israel- Gaza Conflict below.

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