Across a variety of disciplines, faculty and students at Carleton are conducting research related to the environment, climate change and climate justice.

Faculty Research

Patricia Ballamingie – Localizing Food Systems and Sustainable Community

Chris Burn – Northern Physical Environments and Permafrost Science.

Michael Brklacich – Social Vulnerability, Human Security and Environment Change

Emilie Cameron – Critical Northern Geographies 

Stephan Gruber – Permafrost; Climate Change Impacts

Karen Hébert – Changing Natural Resource Economies in the Subarctic and Circumpolar North

Elyn Humphreys – Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 Across Peatland Types

Doug King – Research on Environmental Analysis Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Barbara Leckie – Climate change and the Humanities; Narrative, Cultural History, and Time Studies

Gita Ljubicic – Social & Environmental Research in the Canadian North

Joyce Lundberg – Sea Level Change and Paleoclimatology

Egla Martinez – Socio-Environmental Justice 

Scott W. Mitchell – Modelling, Measuring, and Monitoring Landscape Process: Environmental Models and GIS

Derek Mueller – Indicators and Impacts of Climate Change in the Cryosphere

Murray Richardson – Hydrology; Water-Quality

Derek A. Smith – Research on Indigenous Wildlife Use in Central America

Fraser Taylor – Geospatial Information Management

Jesse Vermaire – Impact of Land Use & Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems

Projects & Areas of Focus

Permafrost Research 

Flare Emissions

Research Centres

Carleton Sustainable Energy Research Centre

Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC)