Photo of Egla Martinez Salazar

Egla Martinez Salazar

Associate Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. Sociology (York)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1519
Office:1311 Dunton Tower

Dr. Egla Martínez Salazar holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and a Masters in Environmental Studies.  She focuses her research on modern coloniality/decoloniality, socio-environmental justice, intersectional-communal feminisms, Indigenous Epistemologies and Epistemic Self-Determination in Struggle as well as on Critical Human Rights and Citizenship.  She is an Associate Professor of Human Rights and Social Justice, IIS.

Professor Martinez Salazar has direct experiences in Guatemala, Mexico and Canada and has published in the areas of global coloniality of power, state terror, genocide, racism and Indigenous Peoples.  Professor Martinez Salazar is the author of the book Global Coloniality of Power in Guatemala: Racism, Genocide, Citizenship (Global Coloniality…).Global Coloniality of Power in Guatemala

She is currently engaged in generating knowledge on socio-legal-cultural criminalization processes of defenders of Land-Body-Territory, particularly the work of Indigenous Women in Latin America and on the Connections between Coloniality of Nature, State Terror and Violence(s) against to Mother Earth/the Environment and Colonized yet Resilient Global Southern Peoples.