Graduate students are encouraged to apply for funding based on external and internal awards/bursaries. The Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Affairs (FGPA) is the main administrative arm of all awards for graduate students, but departments are often asked to rank candidates before forwarding their names for assessment. The guide lists some of these external and internal awards that you can also find further information about here. You should consider conducting your own research since there are many organizations, institutions, and groups that may offer awards linked to your topic.

External Awards

External awards are based on funding from governmental sources such as the federal and provincial governments. For a full list of the various types of awards click here.

Here are the two main external awards you should know about and are based on mostly on your GPA and research topic. Please go to the link provided for all details regarding deadlines, value, and duration of awards listed below:

Please note: The application process for these awards usually take place in November-December. Be sure to consult the dates as indicated on the FGPA site for exact dates.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Canadian Graduate Scholarship Master’s awards (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council)

Internal Awards

Internal awards are based on funding from donors (individuals or organizations). For a full list of the various types of internal awards click here. Here are some of the main internal awards you should consider applying for as Human Rights and Social Justice grad student.

Please note: Many of these awards are due at the beginning of September unless otherwise indicated or early in the fall term via Carleton Central. Be sure to consult the dates as indicated on the FGPA site for exact dates.

Walker and Dervis Bursary

Awarded annually to deserving full-time mature female students who are in need of financial assistance to continue their studies at Carleton University.  Eligible students must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada (landed immigrant or a protected person), and must meet OSAP’s Ontario residency requirements.  Should the recipient be a graduate student, the bursary will be awarded by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.  Endowed 2010 by Pamela Walker in memory of her late mother, Elizabeth Walker and late mother-in-law, Dianne Dervis.

Norman Pollock Memorial Award

This award is presented annually to an outstanding student in the areas of Canadian-Latin American relations or Latin American development studies. It has been endowed to honour the memory of Norman Pollock by his son David H. Pollock and his granddaughter Susan A. Harkavy. The recipient will be selected by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs from candidates nominated from relevant graduate programs.

Gary Sealey Lambda Scholarship

Awarded annually, by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs from nominations received from academic units to a graduate student demonstrating excellence in research on the subject of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people, including the policies and human rights issues that affect them, as well as other topics concerning their communities, their values, their achievements, their arts and their sports. Preference will be given to students whose research focus is on the origins and remediation of discrimination against LGBTI peoples in Africa, Asia, Central Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and any other region abroad that has inscribed such anti-LGBTI discrimination in law, official policies, or community practices.  Recipients will have demonstrated financial need, must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents of Canada (landed immigrant or a protected person), and must meet OSAP’s Ontario Residency requirements. Endowed 1999, revised 2014

Other Internal Awards of Interest

Human Rights and Social Justice grad students have also applied for the following internal awards. Please go to the link provided above for all details regarding the value and criteria for each award/bursary. You will have access to an excel document that provides all the information you need.

CU 75the Award

CATWAO Bursary

David and Rachel Epstein Sch.

Hamlin Graduate Fellowship

Hamlin Graduate Bursary

W.B. McDermid Holbein Memorial

International Bridge

Anges M. Ireland Bursary

L Nathalie Lucky Scholarship

Board of Governors

Maureen and Gulgee Ismaily Scholarship

Pat Finn Scholarship

John Lyndhurst Kingston Scholarship

CUASA Scholarship

Rudelle Hall Memorial Scholarship

R.A. MacKay Memorial Fund

James Mackie Endowment

Margaret Wade Labarge Fund

Beverlee Bell Scholarship