Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies welcomes the Indigenous Studies Program

The Indigenous Studies program is committed to teaching Indigenous approaches, epistemologies, and knowledge. One of the major objectives of this undergraduate major is to advance Indigenous scholarship, research, and teaching within the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies and across the university.

The Indigenous Studies program includes courses focusing on but not limited to kinship, ways of knowing, resistance, governance, genders, sexualities, and land as relation. With a degree in Indigenous Studies, students will be prepared to participate knowledgeably in urgent agendas of change: decolonization, climate action, Indigenous cultural and political resurgence, anti-racist education, grassroots capacity-building, law and policy reform, and revising public narratives of Canada and beyond.

About Us

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies IIS is the home of three interdisciplinary programs of study: Childhood and Youth Studies (CHST), Human Rights and Social Justice (HRSJ), and Indigenous Studies (INDG). IIS brings together faculty and students from across the campus who share research interests that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries, in the arts, social and natural sciences. In IIS, research and teaching draw on critical perspectives to societal issues.

While each program is unique, they all share the goal of supporting students in applying critical approaches that challenge historical and contemporary inequities. Across the programs, we offer courses that advance anti-colonial, decolonial, anti-racist, Indigenous, transnational, and community approaches to learning and research. IIS strives to teach our students how to make connections, think critically, and contribute significantly.

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IIS is pleased to announce that we will be offering an MA Program in Human Rights and Social Justice, with an expected launch date of Fall 2024

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