9:45: Arrival and Coffee

10:00: Introductions

10:15-11:30 – Research Cluster 1: Conceptions/Mediums

  1. Barbara Leckie (English): The Temporalities of Climate Change
  2. Charles Hodgson (Ecology Ottawa): Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Consensus in Graphic Novel form
  3. Sarah Best (English): Thinking About Climate Change Through Digital Games
  4. Brenda Vellino (English; Human Rights): Story Arts and Inuit Nunangat (Land-Water-Sea Ice) Relations
  5. Greg Macdougall (Equitable Education): Media Systems and Climate Change

Lunch-hour Posters: 11:30-12:30

  1. Pascale Malenfant (Journalism): Citizen Science and Climate Change
  2. Cecile Wilson (Cultural Mediations): CBC Reporting on Local Extinction Rebellion Actions
  3. Lahari Nanda (Journalism): The Limits of Fossil Fuel Divestment

12:30 -1:45: Research Cluster 2: Geographies/Regions

  1. Robbie Venis (Environmental Engineering): Water Programs in Tanzinia
  2. Peter Thompson (Indig. and Canadian Studies): Jobs or the Environment? The Case of Northern Pulp
  3. Veronika Katz (English): Deserts & Climate Change
  4. Karen Hebert (Geography and Environmental Studies): Climate as Claims Making: the power and the limits of vulnerability in coastal Alaska
  5. Danielle DiNovelli-Lang (Soc./Anthro): Making Systems Resilient

1:45: Coffee/Conversation

2:00-3:15: Research Cluster 3: Activisms/Activations

  1. Franny Nudelman (English): Sleep, Activist Encampments, and Climate change
  2. Kimberly Keller (Indig and Canadian Studies): Discourses that limit/support environmental action
  3. Rieky Stuart (Climate Legacy Project): Seniors and climate change
  4. Dan Vivian: Net Zero Surprises in home Energy
  5. Alexis Shotwell (Soc./Anthro): Alternatives to Extractivism or Complicity

3:30: Wrap-up conversation