There are two upcoming Congress events that will explore the theme of “Climate Change and a Healthy Future,” the 3rd International City, Environment and Health Congress, and the 1st International Health and Climate Change Congress. Both will take place virtually from April 16th-20th.

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The following description is from the Congress website:

Our main goal for both congresses is to evaluate the current and future effects of climate change on our lives with a more realistic approach, based on the experiences gained during the COVID-19 pandemic process. Our expectation from the congress is to be able to make the voices of different disciplines and sectors working in order to be prepared for the effects of climate change, to be informed early, to respond quickly, to be able to fight strongly against the effects of climate change, to be a resilient society, to be able to manage the emerging urgent and/or continuous changes and to be able to continue living in a strong way after it occurs.

The 3rd International City, Environment, and Health Congress will discuss the cities that will be most affected by climate change and the future of the rural areas that will be preferred by the people affected in the cities to breathe. In order to create a healthy future, current issues such as “health in all policies “, “one health”, “multiple hazard/risk management”, “decision making based on social evidence”, “blockchain, IT, artificial intelligence and public health” will be discussed within the framework of the city, environment, and health, and under the effect of climate change.

The 1st International Health and Climate Change Congress will be a congress where the solutions to overcome climate change, which brings all global risks with it, with the least damage for a healthy future.