In September we hosted a teaching session, organized by Justin Paulson and Veronika Kratz, in which we discussed what it meant to teach remotely, what the year in Zoom would be like, what we could do to ensure that our teaching went as well as possible, and what Zoom teaching might mean for the climate crisis. Now that we’ve had almost a year of Zoom teaching, we want to revisit this event to debrief.

This follow-up event, “The Year in Zoom Teaching Debriefed: Teaching the Climate Crisis,” will be a casual conversation, open to all, to share what worked and what didn’t, what we learned and want to carry forward, and what we’ll be happy to leave behind. The event will take place via zoom on Thursday, April 29th from 2-3:30PM EST.

Please contact Barbara Leckie ( for more information and/or the Zoom link.

We have generated the following questions to get the conversation started, but please feel free to introduce your own questions as well.
  • what worked and what didn’t in the year of teaching on Zoom?
  • what challenges, if any, does online teaching present to environmental and climate change learning in particular?
  • how do we maintain good pedagogical practices in relation both to Covid-19 and the climate emergency? Can we draw on students’ experience of Covid-19 to help all of us to think about the climate crisis?
  • how did we—or did we?—adapt our pedagogical practices this year to students’ mental health issues?
  • what pedagogical practices from this year might we want to carry forward in face-to-face teaching on the climate crisis?