Health Canada is leading the development of the Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action report, with a planned release date in Fall 2021.

The report will provide an assessment of the risks of climate change to the health of Canadians and to the health care system. It will support adaptation actions by health decision makers at local, provincial/territorial and national levels, as well as those who work in public health, health care, emergency management, research, and community organizations.

In this report, you can expect to read about:

  • natural hazards
  • water security and safety
  • food security and safety
  • mental health and well-being
  • infectious disease
  • air quality
  • health co-benefits and risks
  • Indigenous populations and communities
  • health system vulnerabilities
  • health equity and vulnerability
  • health sector adaptation, capacity and resilience

For more information or to receive the report, contact