Carleton Climate Commons is organizing a group to attend the protests surrounding the UN Biodiversity COP 15 in Montreal next week!

We are providing free food as well as transport by bus to and from Montreal on December 9th. We will be participating in the demonstration at Carré Saint Louis at 15:00.

There’s still lots of room in our bus, so please join us and spread the word!

Some members of our group are also staying for the protests on December 10th. We aren’t able to provide transport for the 10th, but if you’re looking for a group to join for the demonstrations that day,  we’ve got you covered.

What are these demonstrations?

Several groups in Montreal are planning demonstrations to protest against the ineffectiveness of the COP meetings and the need for immediate, substantial action to protect biodiversity on our planet.  To find out more information about these demonstrations, check out the Coalition anticapitaliste et écologiste contre la COP15.