Hundreds of trees in Queen Juliana Park on the Experimental Farm in Ottawa are slated to be cut down for the development of the new Civic Hospital’s parking lot. Work began in April, despite years of protesting, petitions, and the fact that the park is a designated National Historic Site. Join us this week to discuss how we got here, where things stand, and what happens next at the farm.


Susan Ross is an Associate Professor in the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies cross appointed with the School of Architecture and Urbanism. Her research focuses on sustainable heritage conservation with particular focus on the intersections of heritage and waste.

Diane McIntyre will be representing Re-Imagine Ottawa, a community organization working against development-funded politics and planning in Ottawa. They are currently running a campaign to save the trees at Queen Juliana Park.

Joel Harden is the MPP for Ottawa Centre. He has been an active opponent of the plan to cut down trees at the Experimental Farm.

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