A research group out of the Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences is starting “Conservation Action” meetings. The first meeting is “Conservation Action Lunch” on Wednesday Oct 18 1130-1245 in CTTC4440Q

Tackling the environmental crisis requires swift action. Given the growing number of graduate students and faculty passionate about protecting and studying the natural environment, what better place to start mobilizing action than on campus? The Conservation Action Lunch will bring together students and faculty as a team to strategize and implement conservation solutions. Our first proposed project is making Carleton a bird safe campus, to ensure fewer birds are killed by campus windows. We also hope that by bringing together scholars to make change for conservation, we will connect a network of people from a diversity of disciplines and lived experiences.

Opening lunch: Michelle Bilbo, manager of sustainable programs in Facilities Management, will give a talk about current sustainability efforts at Carleton. 

Please reach out to Rachel Buxton: Rachel.buxton@carleton.ca with any inquires.