Climate action, affordability, and accessibility means investing in good public transit. Right now, transit is in decline, so few people use it. Horizon Ottawa is asking City Council to step up and make our transit system something people actually want to use.

Horizon Ottawa is asking for:


Make the Community and Equi Passes free for low-income riders and ODSP recipients. End costly fare enforcement and punitive fines.


We need more buses, not fewer, to achieve service levels that will attract new riders — and permanent dedicated lanes on major roads, including Bank, Carling, Robertson, St Laurent and Baseline, to keep routes out of traffic and on schedule.


Ensure all stops are safe and accessible. Same-day booking for Para Transpo and service past midnight.


Involve riders in route planning and service levels to give us a say over the service we rely on.


Commit to real time updates when buses are delayed or canceled at least 20 minutes before routes are scheduled to start, and enable all routes with GPS by Q3 of 2024 so that transit apps can provide accurate information.


Redirect the $50M road widening budget, scrap corporate subsidies, raise City parking rates, and increase the Uber/Lyft surcharge to $0.70 to support improved and expanded transit operations.”