Dr. Siobhan Angus featured on conscient podcast episode 156 siobhan angus – camera geologica

Composer Claude Schryer’s conversation with art historian, curator, organizer and assistant professor of Media Studies at Carleton, Siobhan Angus, about art and the ecological crisis and her new book, Camera Geologica: An Elemental History of Photography and in reference to questions from that session including ‘how do the arts contribute to climate justice’ and ‘how can art and artists reshape our perception of the world, helping us to collectively undertake the necessary actions to create a world worth living in?’
Claude first heard about Siobhan through the Shifting Perceptions: Arts-based Approaches to Climate Justice Climate Commons Noon for Now event on January 18, 2024.
An excerpt: “I think that’s what the arts contribute to these discussions. There’s that possibility of that kind of emotional or embodied connection to things that, as I think these questions of climate and environment, come closer and closer to people’s lives, right? We can think of the wildfire smoke here last summer, people experiencing flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, drought in real time. Through storytelling or sound or visual media, we can really feel that on an embodied level and that is a really powerful starting point.”