A lot of people who are deeply concerned about the climate crisis don’t know what meaningful action to take. Where should we direct our energies? Can activism make a difference? If so, what kind of a difference? How do we even make a start? This Teach-In will try to help you to come up with some answers!


Caroline Levine is David and Kathleen Ryan Professor of the Humanities at Cornell University and the author of 4 books. The most recent is The Activist Humanist: Form and Method in the Climate Crisis (appearing later this year). She was part of the team that persuaded the Cornell Trustees to divest the endowment and is now working to divest her $1.3 trillion pension fund, TIAA.

Resource List:

To Read

LEVINE Caroline, The Activist Humanist: Form and Method in the Climate Crisis, Princeton University Press, 2023. Forthcoming!

Read about the TIAA Divest! Campaign.

Website of The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), the financial analysis company helping climate action mentioned by Caroline Levine

To Watch

Caroline Levine: Infrastructures of Collective Life: A Formalist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis, UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 2022

Session 2: The Power of Our Personal Stories with Caroline Levine, Elders Climate Action, 2022


Work Collectively to Build a Movement

Start Small with One Hour of Organizing a Week

Set Precise Goals for Organizing rather than General Ideas

Introduce a Page on our Website about Carleton’s Successful Divestment Campaign as well as the Work that Still Needs to be Done

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