How can we effectively talk with others about the climate emergency? This week’s Noons for Now features Kitchen Table Climate Conversations (KTCC’s), a Toronto-based grassroots initiative which aims to empower people to hold conversations about climate justice that increase understanding of the climate emergency, honour emotions, spark effective actions and solutions, emphasize the power of collective efforts, and underline the need for political advocacy.


Colleen Lynch is a climate justice organizer and a writer with a background in design and event planning. Over the past four years, she has co-developed ClimateFast’s Kitchen Table Climate Conversation (KTCC) program. As a trainer and facilitator for the KTCCs, she helps create a dedicated space for attendees to learn and to share experiences, feelings and ideas. As a writer, she’s been published in journals like Whetstone, Women’s Education des Femmes and recently as a co-writer for a Spring Magazine article. You can find more work at and

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Instagram: @climatefastaction

Facebook: and KTCC Page

Resource List

The Kitchen Table Climate Conversations website has a wealth of information and further resources. We encourage you to explore the site yourself, but we’ll highlight some of what’s available here.

You can also check out Kitchen Table Climate Conversations on youtube by clicking here. There are recordings of model conversations, specific tips for facilitating online conversations, and more.

If you’d like assistance facilitating your own climate conversation, contact KTCC here: