Resource List

The resource list for this event looks a little different as it reflects our open conversation about issues and questions that have been raised in the Noons for Now series thus far.

This week, our conversation centered on an idea that came up at our teach-in on Student Climate Activism – the desire to foster more collaboration and cooperation with other environmental organizations in Ottawa. There are some groups in the city, like CAFES, that are already doing this work.

Community Climate Calendar:

One idea that we discussed was the creation of a collective google calendar to share events and initiatives. Climate Commons is currently developing the calendar and reaching out to local organizations about it. Clike here to access the community calendar.

Climate Action Resource List:

There was also a desire to offer resources for individuals who are interested in getting involved in climate action but are unsure of where to begin. We’re starting to gather materials that would be helpful and we welcome any suggestions you might have!

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Ramirez, Izzie. “12 Environmental Justice Organizations to Donate Time and Money To,Vice, September 25 2020

Don’t Look Up Climate Platform

Who Decides the Right Way to Protest?” episode of The New York Times podcast The Argument, May 25, 2022

Zeynep Tufekci, “Do Protests Even Work?” The Atlantic, June 24 2020

Margaret Klein Salamon, If You’re Anxious About the Climate, Try This,” The New York Times, May 1 2022

Eduardo Garcia, Things You Can Do: How to Fight Climate Change and Reduce Waste, 2022

Climate Commons’ Actions That Could be Adopted at Other Institutions:

  • Start a climate group at your institution
  • Start a weekly Teach-In
  • Start regular Climate Cafés at pubs and bars in your local community