Resource List

The resource list for this event looks a little different as it reflects our open conversation about issues and questions that have been raised in the Noons for Now series thus far.

Our conversation this month focused on our shared desire to engage in climate action even as so many of us are feeling overwhelmed. We discussed the idea of collectivity and organizing for change, as well as work that is already being done at Carleton and what needs to happen next.

Resources on Collectives and Organizing:

EVENT: Punch-Up’s Getting It Together: An online workshop for organizing collectives for the real world, happening online via zoom from 1-3PM on April 23rd, 2022. Register here, before April 16th.

Punch-Up Collective, “Getting it Together: Ideas for Organizing Collectives,” Briarpatch Magazine, 2018.

Climate Heritage Network is a collective partnered with Carleton that is already doing this kind of organizational work.

We also discussed the work of James Rowe as a model of engaged scholarship and activism through his work on the CPP and initiatives like the Corporate Mapping Project.

First Next Steps:

We discussed the possibility of organizing resources that others could use as “first next steps” for climate organizing/action. We could share these resources with teachers, researchers and students at Carleton.

Specifically, we discussed the possibility of visiting departments across Carleton and talking to them about teaching climate change – what resources do departments have available, and what resources do they need? What barriers keep teachers from engaging with climate in their classrooms, and how can Carleton Climate Commons help?

The Climate Heritage Network is currently working on an event, Just Transitions: Heritage Education for Climate Adaptation, which includes the gathering of resources on climate change and education. Susan Ross has shared an excerpt of this work with Climate Commons, which can be found here: JTHECA resource list excerpt for CCC.