Within typical Human Computer Interaction (HCI) activities, usability and usability testing focuses on determining how well people can use a system’s functionality. A skilled usability professional employs research-based methods and principles to understand users’ conceptual model of a task and then design an interface that integrates with this thought process accordingly.

The Collaborative Learning of Usability Experiences (CLUE) CREATE project will train Canada’s future leaders in HCI. Our long term goal is to improve our trainees’ capabilities across the disciplinary boundaries facilitated via a number of short term objectives that will provide additional training with workshops and mini-courses above and beyond the training they currently receive. The CLUE program will culminate with an internship based in usability experiences. This applied learning will enhance job prospects, as practical experience is a valuable asset in securing a job.

 CLUE program student outcomes:

  • Experience in the usability evaluation process on real projects
  • Opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge
  • Benefit from working with a highly qualified work environment mentor
  • Gain competencies at navigating actual work environment
  • Opportunity to view presentations on cutting edge research
  • Improve capabilities across the disciplinary boundaries through Professional Skills Development, experiential learning and technical skills
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge on ancillary related business/work environment topics
  • As a result , greatly enhance job prospects as participants will have additional diversified knowledge but also have gained practical work experience in the field
  • Gain industry contacts
  • Can improve the upward career trajectory

CLUE Program highlights:

  • Internship + workshops + short courses + colloquiums
  • Internships can be with industry or government
  • Internship: typically 16 weeks OR part time, 2 days a week, for 34 weeks
  • Internship = there is a qualified mentor assigned by Employer
  • Internship is always on Employer’s worksite
  • Requirement to take extra-curricular training components
  • Requirement to share with peers and others, via a formal presentation, an analysis of the internship experience/what was learned

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