Who is eligible to apply:

  1. Undergraduates: Undergraduate students don’t engage in internships. Rather, they are offered a research stipend to work with a professor. Typically, this is done to bridge the student between their 4th year of undergraduate studies and the start of their Masters studies. An undergraduate may be eligible if their professor recommends them.
  2. Masters: A Masters student needs an A- average and the permission of their supervisor. A Masters student can do 1 internship.
  3. Ph.D.: A Ph.D. student needs an A- average and the permission of their supervisor. A Ph.D. student can do 1 or 2 internships. However, the 2nd internship can only be done once the workshop requirements have been completed.

Program Application Process: Please speak with either the coordinator, your supervisor, or the PI .

Internship Application and Selection Process:

  1. See your Graduate studies supervisor to confirm appropriate time frame in which to perform the internship
  2. You will receive a notice of available internship opportunities
  3. Review the opportunities and select those of interest to you
  4. Submit your cv along with list of industry partners to whom you wish to apply
  5. Industry partners, if interested, will inform you of interview date
  6. Prepare for interviews. Research the companies so that you can better link your interests and academic preparation to their needs and requirements
  7. Attend interviews and rank the various Industry Partners in order of interest. If you hold no interest to join a particular organization, do not rank this industry partner
  8. The Employers will interview a number of applicants and will also establish a preference ranking
  9. A matching process is completed, with a view to minimizing preference differentials
  10. Once matching process is completed, industry partners and students are notified via a formal placement letter (email)
  11. Should, at end of the placement process, we find there are still some available openings and some available students (without placement), a second placement round will be held
  12. There is no guarantee of a placement

Things you need to know before you apply:

  1. This program requires that you take extra curricular training elements
  2. This program cannot extend beyond your degree’s time limit (typically two years for a Master’s and 4 years for a Ph.D.)
  3. The internship is full time for 16 weeks (1 term) or part time over 32 weeks (2 terms).
  4. This program is typically available to students who are supervised or co-supervised by the faculty listed on this site. However, strong students from Carleton, Queen’s and UOIT can also be part of CLUE if funding allows it.