The NSERC-CREATE Collaborative Learning of Usability Experiences (CLUE) program will train Canada’s leaders in HCI. Our long term goal is to improve our trainees’ capabilities across the disciplines of Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Industrial Design and Architecture, through collaborative professional skills development (PSD), experiential learning and technical skills. This enriched learning program will be facilitated through:

  • short courses
  • hands-on workshops
  • industry-based colloquium series
  • industry internship

The highlight of the CLUE program is an industrial internship in applied usability with any of our Industry collaborators. Internships with our government and industry collaborators will enhance the student’s education and training, ultimately increasing the attractiveness of our graduating trainees to Canadian industry due to this added quality exposure to the real-world. Students of the CREATE-CLUE program will have this much needed internship opportunity to gain experience, and thus have the experience they need to get a job.

Obligations of Program Participants

  1. Students must prepare an end of placement written report which will link their work experience to their academic studies, learning outcomes, and make suggestions to improve experience.
  2. Participate in a mid-placement informal interview, meant to be informational and to help us improve everyone’s learning experience.
  3. Students must attend the seminar series events.
  4. In addition to the internship, students will participate in a minimum of three (3) either short courses and/or workshops.
    • Two of these will be as course or workshop participant.
    • The third will be a short workshop designed by the student and presented at end of their internship experience. Its objective will be to understand their own personal learning outcomes and to teach to others. The topic is something significant which the student has learned during the internship. As such it will, in part, flow from their written report. The student can do this individually or, should the mentor be willing to participate, it can be done collaboratively.

Industry Partner Resources

Industry Partner Handbook

CLUE Students Resources

Student Handbook