The internships are available to Master’s and Ph.D. students who can expect a mentor type relationship with the internship partner.

  1. Undergraduates: Undergraduate students don’t engage in internships. Rather, they are offered a reserach stipend to work with a professor. Typically, this is done to bridge the student between their 4th year of undergraduate studies and the start of their Masters studies.
  2. Masters: A Masters student can do 1 internship.
  3. Ph.D.: A Ph.D. student can do 1 or 2 internships. However, the 2nd internship can only be done once the workshop requirements have been completed.
    Internship Time Commitment: (520 hours)

  • Full-time for 16 consecutive weeks, OR
  • Part time to 2 terms
  • All work must be conducted on site at the industry partner’s location
  • Internships tend to commence at the beginning of a term, around the first week of either September, January, or May.

The placement procedure is a competitive, interview-based procedure where students will apply to available positions and will be interviewed. Rankings of candidates by industry and preferred work placements by students will be taken into account when placing students with industry partners.

At the end of an internship, the student is required to submit a placement report and develop and deliver a short workshop presentations.