Interested in Europe?

The diploma provides a supplementary qualification to a student’s primary graduate degree program at Carleton. This diploma program focuses on the European Union (EU), its institutions, politics, and policy processes, as well as Canada-EU relations. Courses in the Diploma are taught by the award-winning faculty of the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), as well as by visiting scholars from Europe.

This program is supported by Centre for European Studies (CES), a Carleton research centre that hosts a Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence. The Centre also coordinates two research networks that involve Canadian and European scholars; these networks focus on the  politicization of transatlantic trade relations and on EU-Canada relations, specifically the areas of environment, economic/trade issues, and cooperation in foreign policy. These projects, which are co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, host visiting professors from Europe, guest lectures and international conferences on EU-related matters. They also offer opportunities for graduate student internships and research in Europe.

In addition, Carleton’s location in Ottawa facilitates close contact with the Delegation of the European Union in Canada and with the embassies of EU member states; interaction with nongovernmental organizations and think-tanks interested in Europe; and co-operation with relevant government departments, such as Global Affairs Canada.

Diploma Requirements

The Graduate Diploma in European Integration Studies is intended to provide an additional qualification to the student’s main degree. Students who enroll in the program must already be registered in a graduate degree program at Carleton University.

Students complete 2.0 credits of graduate coursework, of which 1.0 credits may be double-counted with their main degree (provided that the courses in question fulfill both the requirements of the Diploma and the main degree). Please see the Graduate Calendar for details.

Application information: Please click here for the application page. For information, please contact the Institute.

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