The Professional Education for Accessibility Competence (PEAC) program is an accessibility training program designed for leaders, decision-makers, managers, employees, and individuals to:

  • Upskill your accessibility knowledge and confidence in the workplace
  • Build capacity to better understand accessibility and disability perspectives and practices
  • Develop practical skills and access tools to enhance inclusivity within your role, team, and organization

The PEAC program includes three core modules that allow you to develop competencies in disability awareness, accessibility legislation and policy, and key concepts of universal and inclusive design. After completing the core competencies, you are eligible to register for a series of advanced competencies to enhance your knowledge and application of developing accessibility plans, implementing accessible workplace practices, creating accessible learning environments, leveraging assistive technology and AI, enhancing web accessibility, and more.

PEAC training modules have been curated and informed by experts with 30+ years of combined lived experience, and reflect current trends, research, and compliance with current provincial and federal legislation.

The PEAC program is facilitated by the Accessibility Institute at Carleton University, Carleton’s renowned hub for interdisciplinary accessibility research, education and training, and community engagement.


PEAC sessions are offered both online and in-person. In-person sessions will take place on campus at Carleton University.


For upcoming PEAC session topics, instructors, dates, and costs, visit the Accessibility Institute website.


If you have questions or would like additional information about PEAC, please contact the Accessibility Institute:


Phone: 613-520-2600, ext. 7323