The Accessibility Institute in partnership with the Rick Hansen Foundation, is offering the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) Training, as part of the requirements to become a RHF Accessibility Certification Professional.

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification is:

  • A comprehensive rating system that evaluates the accessibility of buildings and sites through the adoption of Universal Design principles.
  • Canada’s only recognized rating system that identifies and certifies the accessibility of the built environment with consistent methodology.
  • Appropriate for Professionals who assess, design, construct, commission, or maintain buildings or their surroundings or have related experience.

Participants of the course will:

  • Learn industry standards that complement existing accessibility standards across Canada.
  • Experience expert facilitation in a small classroom environment with theoretical, practical and interactive exposure to accessibility.
  • Be able to deliver consistent, professional site evaluations that determine the level of access for people with disabilities.
  • Have the prerequisite needed to write the RHFAC Professional Exam to become certified.

Instructor: Matthew Cole BA (Law), BSW, MPNL
The partnership with the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) further builds Carleton’s strong tradition and leadership in advancing accessibility for persons with disabilities. Carleton’s Accessibility Institute will offer RHFAC course twice a year and you can find more information on these courses at:

The Rick Hansen Foundation’s Accessibility Certification course is expertly designed to allow you to respond to the needs of people with disabilities by identifying barriers and solutions in the built environment that will make your property or business an industry leader in accessibility.

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