The Certificate

The Centre on Values and Ethics at Carleton University offers two four-day units in designing and managing organizational ethics programs and ethical leadership.

Designing and Managing Ethics Programs, provides an overview of designing, developing, marketing, implementing, monitoring, measuring, reporting, sustaining and improving ethics programs.

Leadership & Organizational Integrity is designed for executives and organizational ethics officers. This unit discusses risks associated with executive leadership, how to mitigate those risks, knowledge, skills, and practices requisite for ethical leadership, the impact of executive leadership on employee commitment to integrity, setting compliance and values based standards, integrating those standards into the reward system, and developing a business case for managing ethics.

Each unit is a coherent whole and may be taken independently. Graduates of the program must take both units and complete a work place based assignment. The entire program consists of four two-day workshops.

Designing And Managing Ethics Programs

  • Designing Ethics Programs
  • Partnering for Ethical Success: Aligning Organization

Leadership & Organization Integrity

  • A New Model of Executive Leadership
  • Setting Standards and Changing How We Manage

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