Stephen Maguire, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Centre on Values and Ethics, and the Certificate Program in Organizational Values and Ethics at Carleton University. Dr. Maguire has taught organizational behaviour and business ethics in business schools (Carleton University, University of Ottawa, and University of Arizona) and ethics related courses in philosophy departments (Wilfrid Laurier and Carleton University). He also teaches ethical leadership at the Canadian Police College. His research includes a variety of issues in business ethics including ethical leadership, the ethics of ethics codes, propensity for ethical risks, the ethics of organizational control, ethics programs in the Canadian public service, the new model of professionalism in policing, and organizational drivers of employee integrity. Dr. Maguire served on the National Advisory Committee on Ethics, Correctional Services Canada from 2008-2012. Since 2009 he has been a member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Ethics Committee. He has provided ethics related consulting services to the RCMP, Correctional Services, Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada Public Service Agency, Industry Canada, Foreign Affairs, Health Canada, and Canada Mortgage and Housing.

Ken Strain is an Associate Co-ordinator of the Certificate in Organizational Values and Ethics. He is a retired senior military officer with extensive experience, both within Canada and abroad, in the leadership and management of human resources and logistics at the executive level. In his last position, Mr. Strain was Director of the Ethics Program for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces. In this appointment he was responsible for leading the development and implementation of a comprehensive organizational ethics program for the largest and most complex organization within the federal government. He is a graduate of McMaster University, the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College and holds certificates in Managing Ethics in Organizations from Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts, in Business Ethics from Colorado State University, and in Corporate Social Responsibility from the World Bank Institute, Washington DC. He has served as a member of the Corporate Ethics Management Council for the Conference Board of Canada. Mr. Strain is currently a consultant and an Associate Faculty member of the Center for Military-Civil Relations at the US Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, California. In this latter capacity, Mr. Strain has been involved in the development and onsite delivery of a number of programs and workshops throughout Eastern Europe relating to defence transformation and human resource management. Ken Strain combines executive leadership background and international consulting expertise with the practical experience of implementing a major organizational ethics initiative to provide a practitioner’s perspective.

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