Workplace Based Assignment

Registrants in the Certificate Program must complete a work place based assignment before graduating. Ideally the assignment should be a work in progress that benefits from material taught in the program. Some of the projects previously submitted include strategic plans, communication strategies, design of ethics awareness initiatives, decision making tools, values development exercises, ethics support for managers, ethical climate surveys, ethical risk analysis, progress reports to senior management, conflict of interest guidelines, a fairness check of promotion processes, an ethical screen of human resources policies and codes of conduct. Submissions may range from drafts to final products. Registrants who are not members of organizational ethics departments should consult with Dr. Maguire to develop an assignment. Dr. Maguire can be reached by email at or by phone at (613) 864-3004. All registrants should identify their projects as early in the course as possible. Assignments may be submitted in French.

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