Denis Beauchamp

Denis Beauchamp is the senior development officer of the Defence Ethics Programme in the Department of National Defence and an Associate Coordinator of the Certificate in Organizational Values and Ethics. He has been working on ethics in government since the beginning of the 1990s. He was responsible for developing the theoretical foundations of an ethics program in Defence, designed to meet the needs of both the Canadian Forces and the public service in the DND. He has worked extensively in all phases of institutionalizing ethics in government: conception, development, and sustainment. He holds a PhD in Philosophy (University of Ottawa), an MBA (McGill University), and an MA in Philosophy (McMaster University). He has taught ethics and ethical reasoning at different universities. He had over 30 years of military service including being comptroller of a multi-billion dollar project. His main research interests are in applied and practical ethics with an emphasis in the areas of public sector and defence ethics.

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