Idil Boran

Idil Boran is Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Université du Québec à Montréal. In her research and teaching, she is interested in philosophical problems as they relate to policy issues and public affairs. She has done work on liberal theories of justice and language policy issues. She is currently working on problems involving distributive justice and economic ethics, in particular on questions regarding the fair distribution of costs and benefits with regards to externalities in cooperative schemes. She is also interested in higher-order questions of justification in ethics, in particular as they relate to liberal neutrality and the principles by which the state is to secure individual liberties with regards to lifestyle choices and conceptions of the good. Prior to taking up her position at UQAM, she spent a year at the Hoover Chair in Economic and Social Ethics as a Hoover Fellow and two years at McGill University as a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow. She has publications in journals such as Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, The Journal of Social Philosophy, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, The Journal of Value Inquiry, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly and others.

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