Jay Drydyk


Jay Drydyk is an associate professor and chair of the Philosophy Department at Carleton University. As winner in 2002 of Carleton University’s Teaching Achievement Award, he will be developing a graduate seminar in development ethics that will be linked with other similar seminars around the world. He currently has two main research projects. One is a book, Global Ethics, showing how ethical agreement on such things as human rights and justice can emerge by convergence from a plurality of moral perspectives, without sacrificing diversity of values. The approach, “responsible pluralism,” has the effect that we as a public (local or global) can have a widely diverse set of reasons for public action, even though many of these are not reasons to which you or I subscribe as individuals. Other topics include good judgment, ethical credibility, care and neglect, non-maleficence (avoiding harm), and public reason. The other project is an ethical review of policy guidelines responding to population displacement that is caused by development.

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