Sarah Jane Meharg

Dr. Sarah Jane Meharg is the Senior Research Associate in the department of Research, Education and Learning Design at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, and Adjunct Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada. She is a leading post-conflict reconstruction theorist and specializes in the study of the intentional destruction of culturally symbolic places during contemporary armed conflict and the reconstruction of these important places in post-conflict theatres. Her unique theory of conflict – identicide (1997) – defines the attacks perpetrated against people and their cultural places (e.g. the Bridge of Mostar, the Bamiyan Buddhas, historic libraries, the World Trade Towers). Dr. Meharg has a regional focus on the Balkans and is currently researching the environment of peace operations; military geography; and identicide.

Sarah has published numerous chapters and articles, including two books: Helping Hands and Loaded Arms: Navigating the Military and Humanitarian Space (Canadian Peacekeepers Press: Cornwallis N.S., 2007), and Measuring What Matters in Peace Operations and Crisis Management (McGill-Queen’s University Press: Kingston, 2009).

Dr. Meharg is an Adjunct Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada and serves as a research fellow with the Centre for Security and Defence Studies and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute. Dr Meharg is president of Peace and Conflict Planners Canada Inc., a firm that specializes in economic and cultural reconstruction in conflict-affected areas, as well as new-use technology applications for post-conflict reconstruction.

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