Shereen Benzvy Miller

Shereen Benzvy Miller, M.A., LL.B is a mother of two and a human rights lawyer by training and inclination. She joined the federal public service when she was recruited by the Correctional Service of Canada in 1997. In June 2008, she moved to Public Works and Government Services Canada as the Director General of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises – which include 6 offices across Canada with a mandate to work with 2.4 million small businesses to assist them to do business with the federal government. Her previous position (for 5 years) was as the Director General of Rights Redress and Resolution for CSC. In that capacity she was responsible for a variety of processes related to Access to Information, Privacy and Offender Grievance and Redress and offender complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The RRR branch performs a challenge function for the Service by bringing human rights issues to the attention of field staff and managers and providing a liaison function with the oversight ombudsman for offenders, the Correctional Investigator. In her work she is always interested in representing the views of those who aren’t usually at the table. She views the essence of her work as contributing to the support of democratic processes and values-improving Canada for Canadians.

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