Dr. Frank Dehne, Director

Welcome to the Institute for Data Science at Carleton University. The Institute brings together researchers from across all faculties conducting research in the area of data science and analytics.

For those interested in receiving graduate training in this growing area, we offer the Collaborative Master’s in Data Science which can be taken in conjunction with a wide range of graduate programs. Our core DATA5000-Data Science course teams up students from different backgrounds to form interdisciplinary teams to solve real-world problems. Speakers from every faculty deliver cutting-edge guest lectures to provide context and breadth to complement each student’s journey to become an expert at one facet of data science.

For those seeking data science expertise to solve real-world problems, our members represent world experts in multiple aspects of data science. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular challenge and will facilitate identifying and building new collaborations. Please join us at one of our many events including our annual “Data Day” in the spring, or one of our regular Data Science Distinguished Speaker Series seminars!

Dr. Frank Dehne, Ph.D.
Chancellor’s Professor, School of Computer Science
Director, Institute for Data Science