Data Science Research at Carleton University

Data Science, also known as Big Data, is a rapidly evolving field without clear boundaries. It studies how to make use of the massive amounts of data relevant to research, to strategy and operations in industry, and to policy development in government. Many of the technical foundations arise from Mathematics and Computer Science, but the area is fundamentally both multi- and interdisciplinary.

Data science is often performed in collaborations spanning many disciplines to bring together the needed expertise and proficiencies. Data science not only seeks methods and strategies to find and organize data associated with the problem at hand, it has a goal of making it simpler for people to access data and conduct research.

The Institute comprises over 65 participating faculty researchers and associate members who are working on projects involving data science and related fields. Examples include:

  • Business analytics in marketing, finance, human resources and operations
  • Sensor data analytics
  • Patient monitoring
  • DNA and molecular modelling data
  • Data from the Confederation Bridge
  • Cloud computing
  • Information retrieval and web information access
  • Natural language processing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Database and information integration