As one would expect, researchers from Carleton’s School of Computer Science heavily specialize in Big Data and data analytics. Recognized internationally for research excellence, faculty members bring knowledge and expertise from a variety of backgrounds and maintain strong links with international high-tech leaders and colleagues across Canada. One researcher who particularly stands out is Dr. Frank Dehne, a leader in Big Data research, data analytics and parallel computing. Through his leadership in the Parallel Computing and Bioinformatics Research Laboratory, researchers are working on projects in parallel computing, parallel Big Data analytics and parallel computational biology. By studying the use of parallel computing to speed up current online analytical processing systems, the lab members are working to develop better corporate decision support systems that operate on the latest online transaction processing while still supporting real-time decision-making on big databases.

Also working with large data analytics at the School is Dr. Nicola Santoro, the Director of the Evolutionary Computations and Communications Laboratory (ECC). The ECC supports research activities on the relationship between computation and communication arising in dynamic and distributed settings. Researchers at this lab are continuing to build Carleton’s expertise in Big Data through research in distributed computing, network computing, mobile agents, computing, autonomous mobile robots, mobile sensor networks and cellular automata.