Data Day 6.0

March 26, 2019 at 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Location:Atrium Richcraft Hall

Hosted by the Institute for Data Science, Data Day is an annual conference that celebrates the latest developments in data science and analytics research within Carleton University, the local community and Canada. The event will include presentations by Carleton researchers, government and industry experts, keynote addresses, and panel discussions. In addition, there will be a speed networking session where Carleton students will be able to meet and network with industry.

This year’s Data Day 6.0 panels will highlight and discuss:

  1. What Will Be on the Agenda for Data Day 16.0?
    • The burgeoning activity and application in all things related to data opens up a broad vista for the future. This panel will address their own ideas for the next decade.
  2. Research Opportunities
    • A series of presentations by recently appointed Carleton faculty members describing their research interests with a view to exploring partnership possibilities.
  3. AI for Public Good
    • AI is a very topical issue, one with significant public R&D that will aid with decision making by streamlining and segmenting vast troves of data. When discussed AI is often framed negatively or as a disruptive technology that will radically alter society and the economy. While there are many unresolved issues with many types of AI, such as privacy, security, bias, labour, and human agency, and these issue change depending on their applications areas, for example AI and the factory floor, the autonomous car, drones or decisions about immigration, parole or social services. In this panel, scholars from law and communication and media studies, a government data scientist and the CEO of a new startup developing an AI audit system will share their thoughts on AI and the public good.
  4. Local Start-Up Stories
    • A series of presentations by local start- up companies in the Data/AI and Machine learning space. A demonstration of Ottawa’s vitality.

Data Day is open to all data science and analytics enthusiasts, regardless of affiliation to Carleton University. In previous years, our attendees have been equally spread between the public and private sectors and the Carleton community. This blend of academia and industry creates an ideal environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and networking.

This event is free and open to the public but registration is required and space is limited. Refreshments and a buffet lunch are included. You won’t want to miss this! Program and panel information will be available in February.

Check out our panelists here.

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