Visitor Parking Payment – Pay Stations or Hotspot App

Welcome to Carleton University.  Visitors can pay at the pay machines located in visitor lots with credit cards, coins or Campus Card or through the HotSpot mobile app.

To get started using the Hotspot App:

  1. Download the Hotspot App on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the App.
  3. Press Get Started.
  4. Enter your details:
    1. Type your full name and press Next.
    2. Type your email address and press Next.
    3. Enter a password and press Next. A code is texted to your phone.
    4. Enter the code and press Next.
    5. Select your Province.
    6. Select your city. (OTTAWA).  Note:  All four digit CU Visitor Parking Lot codes are unique to Carleton University.
    7. Select parking as your user preference and press Next.
  5. Select a membership:
    1. Press Add Membership.
    2. Swipe through the membership options and read the descriptions.
    3. Press Select Plan under the plan you want.
    4. Press Add Funds and select an amount.
    5. Press Yes, sign me up and then click Yes to confirm.
    6. Click Okay on the Success message.
  6.      Add your vehicle:
    1. Click Add Vehicle:
    2. Enter your car’s details and press Add Vehicle.
    3. Verify that you’ve entered your plate correctly and press Yes.

Alternatively, two references are available for download/printing:   Hotspot Signup User Guide and Hotspot – How to start a Parking Parking Session.

Now you are ready to park with Hotspot!

If you have any further questions concerning the downloading, setup or use of the APP, please visit  or if you require APP or transaction support you can reach Hotspot at:

1-855-712-5888 or by email at:  Using the App to validate your parking is also simple.  Visit for a tutorial.

If you have any questions about Hotspot works at Carleton University or other concerns about parking at Carleton University you can contact Parking Services at: 613-520-3628 or by email at

In line with current public health guidelines, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to work from home. Anyone coming onto campus must comply with our safe return to campus policies outlined at:

For all university updates regarding COVID-19, please go to:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding visitor parking, contact